Best Flower for Friendship Day - With Color, Flower Types, and Meaning

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The International Friendship Day is a holiday dedicated to the celebration of friendship. It is celebrated mainly in several countries of South America; which dates differ according to each country. In Friendship Day, you usually want to give your friends a flower to show your true sincere friendship to him/her.

Flowers, through time have been attributed as objects that provide happiness, affinity and also contribute to unity. Therefore, it is not uncommon for it to be a recurring gift when it comes to celebrating a special occasion.

And within what the flowers are capable of transmitting, there is friendship. Although these days the friendship is not as celebrated as before, it never hurts to have a good detail and show your friends how much you appreciate them. In this post, we are going to discuss best flowers and roses that is best to give during Friendship Day Celebration.

Yellow Roses for Friendship Day


Brighton Rose             

Impact Rose

High & Exotic Rose

Throughout history, roses have been related to many different meanings, a

most always with the color they represent. For example, red roses are the symbol of passionate love, while white roses symbolize innocence.

On the other hand, yellow roses have even more meanings than their sisters. They usually symbolize legwork, happiness and optimism. It is because their color is very similar to that of the sun, with all that this entails.

However, they can also represent friendship, devotion and truth. Therefore, if someone receives a bouquet of yellow roses, you can be sure that the person sending them to you has a lot of appreciation for you.

The yellow flower is capable of transmitting feelings of companionship, and also of being solidary in situations of sadness. For this reason, flowers such as lilacs, chrysanthemums and yellow roses are usually chosen as gifts for those people who want to show their love for them.

On the other hand, the fact that yellow color is close to gold, it also makes them symbolize success, triumph and luxury. With which, far from being a symbol of bad luck. Giving them to someone we will be wishing all the fortune of the world.

Finally, they also represent wisdom, intelligence, memory and clear ideas. That is, thought and study, so they are perfect to give to someone when they have achieved academic or professional achievement.

After knowing all these meanings, you are no longer have assumption that yellow roses are a bad choice. In fact, they are a wonderful option both as a friendship gift or as an ornament.

However, not all meanings are good, the truth is that, the yellow rose also has this fame because there are certain symbolisms that are related to pessimistic and unpleasant things. In love, they are related to the transition from one emotion to another, which in short, means that there is an affair of love. They will express insecurity, distrust, jealousy and infidelity.

If you give a yellow flower to your girl at a bad mood situation, she may think you are talking about breaking up. Indeed, in the theme of love, yellow roses are the worst choice.

 Instead, they are a perfect flower to give to a friend or relative, as they symbolize friendship and companionship. So much that if we send them to a person with whom we would like to have a relationship, she can interpret that you are asking for friendship instead of taking it as a delusion of love.

Thus, the best moments to give yellow roses are those in which someone has obtained an academic or professional achievement. For example, if a friend has just graduated or been promoted to her job.

This flower is also suitable to encourage someone who is sad, for example, because they are admitted to the hospital or are going through a period of convalescence at home. With the yellow roses in hand, you will be able to cheer him/her up while giving a symbolic hope of a quick recovery. Moreover, they are also perfect for those people who are embarking on a new professional path such working or study abroad. The rose symbolizes a wishing of their luck and fortune.

However, you do not always have to give yellow roses only. Instead, you can combine them with other flowers and colors. Their radiance and decorative potential make them part of elegant floral arrangements. For example, with white liquor. In addition, we can find them in a wide range of shades, such as lemon yellow, whitish yellow or bright yellow. The possibilities are many.

So, remember that yellow roses are not the flower of bad luck, but represent happiness, admiration and celebration. Thanks to them, we can make life seem happier for our loved ones and make the difficulties seem smaller. Itis always perfect to send a family member or friend who we love a lot and want to show it.

Other Flowers for Friendship day

Chrysanthemum: These flowers hold a meaning of friendship, trust and sympathy.

Alstroemeria: It is also known as lily of the Incas or Peruvian lily, its shape is similar to that of a miniature lily. It keeps a meaning of friendship and fervor. And its peculiar way in which its leaves grow, in a crooked way, makes us believe that it represents the turns and changes that arise in friendships.

Needle of Adam: Its leaves are perennial, narrow and rigid, it is a yucca that is able to grow on almost any surface, be it dry, rocky or sandy soil. This flower symbolizes true friendship and its ability to overcome the obstacles that come their way.

Ivy: This plant represents the relationship that is cultivated and grows between two best friends.

Zinnias: When this flower is yellow it means that someone remembers every day. And when it is white it represents the memory of an absent friend, and its scarlet color refers to the companionship that exists between friends.

Iris: It is a spring flower, which potentiates its symbolization of renewal and transformation, characteristics that apply to friendship. It also represents friendship, trust and faith.

Any Pink Flowers: These flowers serve for almost any situation. Therefore, to celebrate friendship, they also work well.

Tulips: When it comes to blue tulips, these represent true and pure loyalty. Also, this flower means joy. Also, you can combine with white tulips, since these speak of honesty. This flower is easy to get.

Tropical flowers: Tropical flowers have a longer life and are not easy to find, and that is what will bring a special touch to that friendship.

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to honor a friendship is by giving your friend beautiful flowers. Friendship day might be held once a year. However, a flower bouquet that symbolizes your friendship can be given any day of the year. For this, the yellow and orange roses are still the best one. These colors represent the happiness that both friends have for being able to share time together.


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