Roses from Ecuador in Russia

In September we had the opportunity to participate in the Flowers Expo Moscow 2019. Many Ecoroses employees traveled more than twenty hours to Moscow in order to prepare and decorate our booth to show our Ecuadorean roses, considered to have the best quality and beauty in all the world.

Russia, a country where they give flowers on any occasion

Russia is one of our main markets because it is a country where they give roses on any occasion. Giving flowers as a present is a cultural habit; they are used to express many feelings. Russian citizens give them away at any moment, when visiting a loved one or at any important and memorable occasion.


Ecuadorian flowers are part of daily Russian life

Flowers Expo Moscow 2019, a chance to consolidate our place in this market

Flowers Expo Moscow 2019 is an important show for us because we strengthen our commercial bonds with our partners, capture new clients, obtain more information about the market, and most important, we present our roses to the public so they can appreciate them and confirm their quality and beauty. The Ecoroses booth was very well-attended during the three days we were at the show.  Flowers Expo Moscow 2019 received around 15,000 visitors who attended to see the different varieties of flowers and contact different suppliers from many parts of the world.

At the Moscow show, our flowers stood out thanks to their beauty and quality, their intense and lively colors, their wide assortment, bud side, and length of their stems, between 70cm and a 1 meter. Thanks to the participation in this show, to our roses and to our customer service, we were able to consolidate our position in this market. It makes us proud to see how our roses bloomed on the other side of the world. 


ecoroses.com in Russia <

Our stand at Flowers Expo Moscow 2019

We visited some cities in Russia with our commercial partners.

On this trip, we also had the opportunity to visit some Russian cities, like Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Krasnodar, where we had meetings and strengthened bonds with our customers: importers, wholesalers and florists; in the same way, on this trip, we opened doors and generated relationships with future clients. Also, we had the opportunity to see how our roses are commercialized in these cities.

In Ekaterinburg, a city located in the oriental part of the Urales range, on the Asian sector, we met with one of our clients, a chain of five premium flower shops, who import our flowers directly. In their shop windows, located on one of the prettiest location of the city, we could appreciate beautiful flower arrangements made with our flowers.

When we visited Novosibirsk, considered the scientific, cultural, industrial, and financial center of Siberia, we encountered a big and super modern cash and carry. In this wholesale auto-service center, the consumer has many buying options and can acquire flowers in boxes or bunches. Afterward, we traveled south to the city of Krasnodar, where we met current clients and future buyers; there is a lot of potential in this area. In Russia, we can say that there are flower shops on every corner; as a fact, in Krasnodar we found a shop at the metro station.


We visited many cities in Russia where we met with different clients

As a conclusion of this remarkable trip, we can highlight that we came with a lot of expectations; we know there is a lot of work ahead to do in order to satisfy the needs of our customers, and that innovation and reinvention must be constant. This commits us to be competitive, control the quality of our processes to guarantee premium products, and incorporate our competitive advantages to our value chain. Even though competition in the rose industry has increased, the Ecuadorean roses continue to be the most appreciated due to its color, size, and vase life. Our purpose in Ecoroses is to deliver quality roses to any part of the world, with a well positioned brand and a qualified team.

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