Flowers for Qixi - Chinese Valentine’s Day – Color Choices and Meaning

The Qi Xi is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. It is the particular Chinese "Valentine", in memory of an ancient legend that speaks of the love between a shepherd and a fairy.

The traditional festival Qi Xi has its origin in the ancient legend that tells us about the love between a shepherd and a fairy. Many years ago, there lived a young shepherd named Niu Lang who fell in love with Zhi Nü, the beautiful fairy seamstress of Heaven.

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Best Flower for Friendship Day - With Color, Flower Types, and Meaning

The International Friendship Day is a holiday dedicated to the celebration of friendship. It is celebrated mainly in several countries of South America; which dates differ according to each country. In Friendship Day, you usually want to give your friends a flower to show your true sincere friendship to him/her.

Flowers, through time have been attributed as objects that provide happiness, affinity and also contribute to unity. Therefore, it is not uncommon for it to be a recurring gift when it comes to celebrating a special occasion.

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Why ecuadorian roses are the best?

Around the world, Ecuadorian roses are known as the most beautiful and high quality roses and they are appreciate by their features. There are many reasons that makes Ecuador a privilege country. Despite of being a small region it is full of diversity of fauna and flora. In this post, we are going to see the features that makes Ecuadorian roses the best.

Ecuador is a South American country located in the equator line, which is consider a privileged area for roses growth due to its highlands, weather and sunlight. These factors allowed large quantities of roses to be produced throughout the year.

Ecuador is a country that exports large quantities of roses and flowers annually. Most of the floral companies in Ecuador are exporters and are concentrated in Quito or its surroundings.

 Furthermore, roses very important for the economy of Ecuador because they are a product for exportation and it is one of its main exported products. About 400 varieties of roses are exported to 160 destinies worldwide. This is how Ecuador became a leader in the market of roses in the entire world. The main destinies for exportation are the United States, Europe and Asia.

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Meaning of the colors of roses

We bring you the following article so that you can know more about the origin of the roses and their meaning in the different colors. There is a wide variety of colors of roses, this time, we have this interesting article about the meaning of pink, yellow, white, green, peach, purple and blue roses.

Roses are the most known flowers in the world, and they are appreciated for their beauty. However, few know its history. Roses have their origin thousands of years ago. It is believed that its origin is from the year 4000 BC. approximately, in Asian lands and in regions of Europe. At this time, ancient civilizations of Babylonians, Greeks and Romans used roses for decoration purposes.

With data obtained by research, it was found that the ornamental use of the rose began in the region of Crete, extending to Egypt and Greece, places where the use of the rose for decoration was very important because they considered it as a symbol of beauty. In Rome, roses were grown for the same ornamental purpose. Roses were found in the gardens and the petals were also used for decoration.

At present, roses are found anywhere in the world. Its uses are mainly for decoration, but they are also used to extract oils, perfumes and fragrances.

Throughout history, in each region or country, roses have obtained a meaning or have become a symbol. Mainly, a rose means love or friendship and they have a global meaning. However, the meaning of roses is different according to their color. Do you know what each rose color means? We invite you to read our article so that you know the meaning and so you can choose which color to use on each occasion or know what color to choose when you want to give a bouquet.

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High Tech that guarantees the quality of our roses

In Ecoroses, we are characterized by our constant innovation; passion for quality is one of our implicit values . We make significant investments in technology in order to guarantee our processes, to maintain our standards and to grow roses that have a longer vase life. 

Business Intelligence

Data Collection and analysis of information is a strategic factor to maintain our processes on constant upgrading.

In Ecoroses, we have implemented “Business Intelligence” and “Data Analytics” methodologies with the purpose of collecting and analyzing data for better decision making.

All our processes are computed, and thanks to the implemented software, we have immediate online data about all areas of the company.

We use a management software  specialized in flower production, that provides key indicators of our production chain, through different dashboards, as explained below:


  • Once the flower comes to the post-harvest, we can identify aspects of great importance, like who was the employee that harvested the flower, the greenhouse from which it comes from, variety name, quantity, among other information.
  • After this, a unique bar code is generated for each bunch of flowers. Its length, variety, and date of packaging are detailed on the code. 
  • Once the bunches are in the cooling room, dispatchers can identify which is the newest and oldest bunch, with the purpose of correctly rotating our inventory to guarantee freshness. The bar code is scanned read before packing the bunches in the box. The boxes are weighed and the system compares the real weight of the box with the volumetric weight to guarantee efficiency on the freight costs paid by our customers.  

The process in the post-harvest area is registered completely; this allows us to obtain indicators that are fundamental for decision taking on any element of the production chain.

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