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The Qi Xi is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. It is the particular Chinese “Valentine”, in memory of an ancient legend that speaks of the love between a shepherd and a fairy.

The traditional festival Qi Xi has its origin in the ancient legend that tells us about the love between a shepherd and a fairy. Many years ago, there lived a young shepherd named Niu Lang who fell in love with Zhi Nü, the beautiful fairy seamstress of Heaven.

Soon, the two married completely in love. But the wife of the Jade Emperor, the supreme deity of Taoism, forcibly separated the couple. Leaving the sad husband and wife on both sides of the Milky Way, looking at each other without being able to reach each other. His faithful love moved the magpies that every seventh day of the seventh month thousands of birds flew creating a bridge for the two lovers to meet at least that day.

Due to this beautiful legend, Qi Xi has become the day chosen by Chinese lovers to show their affection. That night, if it went clear and with the sky full of stars, people used to go out to take the cool with a stool.

They sat tasting a cup of tea and watching the bright Milky Way in an attempt to recognize the two stars called Shepherd and Fairy Seamstress. In some regions of China, people hid under clusters of fruit clusters, because according to legend, this way you can hear secretly the soft whispering between Niu Lang and Zhi Nü.

Qi Xi is also known in China as the Qi Qiao party or the Girls’ Day. According to the legend, Zhi Nü is a beautiful and skillful fairy. During that romantic night, the girls place seasonal fruits to make offerings and pray to Heaven under the clear moon so that the fairy seamstress gives them skills in making and especially ask for a happy marriage. In addition, in the past, needlework contests were held that night.

Throughout the province of   Zhejiang, on Qi Xi day each family kills a rooster convinced that if the animal sings announcing the dawn, the pastor and his wife will separate.

Women today are almost no needlework, so some of the traditional customs of this party are disappearing. However, the legend of Qi Xi continues to circulate and people still consider it a romantic day for lovers. In 2006, the party was included by the State Council on the National Intangible Heritage list and was officially considered China’s Qixi Valentine’s Day.

Tinted Roses to Give in Qixi Chinese’s Qixi Valentine’s Day

Tinted rose is a rose which is dyed by the seller to create more variations of color. With tinted rose, you can easily find the color choice you like to give to someone you love. Below, we will discuss further the best rose color to give your love ones in Qixi festival.

#1 Red: Passionate Love

The red color commonly associated with passion, romance and love. It is the best option when giving roses for Qixi Valentine’s Day. Red roses are a symbol of a lasting, stable relationship, full of love and passion.

 They are ideal to give to your wife or girlfriend since they are perfect for those couples who have enough time engaged with each other.

The red roses reflect attraction, charm, sensuality, fun and above all passion. Therefore, if you are looking to captivate, fall in love and surprise who you love, do not hesitate a second to give him one of our special bouquets for Qixi Valentine’s Day.

Also, if it is a not so long-lasting relationship, but you still want to express all those feelings, we suggest you to order a small bouquet with three ornate roses. This will surely express your love to your partner but without expressing such a serious commitment. With a simple and delicate bouquet of red roses, you will compliment the beauty of your partner. Even, it is increasing the romantic atmosphere.

#2 White: Pure Love

Generally white roses are associated with purity, humility, innocence and simplicity. However, its main meaning reflects pure, happy and unconditional love. Therefore, giving a bouquet of white roses for Valentine is also usually a great option. Especially, if you want to express peace, joy and above all, prosperity.

The romantic white roses are used at weddings precisely to reflect the purity of romantic love. So, if you are about to take that big step with your partner and plan to propose marriage or are already planning your commitment, the ideal flowers to send are white roses.

Surely, it will give a nice simple, elegant and tender touch to your day of lovers. Also, to make it less mainstream and not always give red roses.

Tinted Mondial White Blue Rose

#3 Pink: Indicators of Great Friendship, Fresh Love, And Youth

If your partner and you love to have fun together every day and consider themselves young couple, pink rose is for you. In addition, this color reflects friendship, unconditional love and vibrant youthful spirit. Therefore, they will always be a good choice for young people in love.

Try giving two pink roses tenderly linked with a golden thread. You will see that it will become a nice detail for Qixi Valentine’s Day, and surely your partner will love it. This color represents appreciation, cordiality and great positive vibes.

#4 Purple or Violets: Sources of Creative Explosion

The purple color, generally associated with its relaxing and soothing effects. It has the ability to transmute and change the negative energies into positive ones. Therefore, if you are looking to reconcile with the person you love, giving them violet roses is the ideal option.

Equally, the purple balances the energies and is responsible for stimulating and bringing out our fantasy and creative spirit. As a result, if you want to captivate and explore new things with your partner, do not hesitate to give them lilac or purple roses.

These roses express good wishes and health. They are also often used to express love at first sight. If that is your case, a nice purple bouquet will become your best ally.

Tinted Purple Rose

#5 Blue: Elegant and Outstanding

Many times, giving roses with the same colors usually becomes boring. Therefore, instead of giving red roses, blue rose can be a good alternative.

To get blue roses, you can check out our catalogue of tinted roses. Over there, you will easily find high-quality tinted rose for sale.

Blue rose is different, elegant, and attractive. Its tone will attract the attention of your partner while symbolizing the desire to grow and experience new things together.

The blue roses are the most striking and represent eternal love, openness, and freedom. These are three emotions that should never be lacking in any couple relationship. Go ahead and change the usual tone a bit and surprise the woman you love with an exotic dark blue rose.

Tinted Blue Mondal Rose

At last

We hope that after reading this post, giving flowers for Qixi Valentine’s Day becomes something fun for you. Remember that the energy you express with your gift is essential. Check out our tinted rose collection, fill yourself with good vibes and finally, give the flowers to your love one. You will thank us later! 

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