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We bring you the following article so that you can know more about the origin of the roses and their meaning in the different colors. There is a wide variety of colors of roses, this time, we have this interesting article about the meaning of pink, yellow, white, green, peach, purple and blue roses.

Roses are the most known flowers in the world, and they are appreciated for their beauty. However, few know its history. Roses have their origin thousands of years ago. It is believed that its origin is from the year 4000 BC. approximately, in Asian lands and in regions of Europe. At this time, ancient civilizations of Babylonians, Greeks and Romans used roses for decoration purposes.

With data obtained by research, it was found that the ornamental use of the rose began in the region of Crete, extending to Egypt and Greece, places where the use of the rose for decoration was very important because they considered it as a symbol of beauty. In Rome, roses were grown for the same ornamental purpose. Roses were found in the gardens and the petals were also used for decoration.

At present, roses are found anywhere in the world. Its uses are mainly for decoration, but they are also used to extract oils, perfumes and fragrances.

Throughout history, in each region or country, roses have obtained a meaning or have become a symbol. Mainly, a rose means love or friendship and they have a global meaning. However, the meaning of roses is different according to their color. Do you know what each rose color means? We invite you to read our article so that you know the meaning and so you can choose which color to use on each occasion or know what color to choose when you want to give a bouquet.

Meaning of the colors of roses

Pink roses

Pink roses are beautiful and delicate, and it is precisely the meaning of their color. They can symbolize delicacy, tenderness, sympathy. There are several shades of pink, such as dark pink or fuchsia that will give greater strength visually when this color is as an ornament in an environment. In this case, the dark tone brings another meaning that is of elegance, gratitude, appreciation or femininity. In contrast to a shade of soft pink, giving roses of this tone can mean admiration and happiness. Pink roses in a bouquet or arrangement are appreciated for their delicacy and for conveying a sense of harmony. For this reason it is also possible to place them as an ornament in the bathroom, combining with the tones of the walls or elements that are part of the room.

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     Hard Rock Rose                                                                              O’hara Rose

Yellow roses

Yellow roses are related to friendship, so it is a color to give on occasions of celebrations for the closest friends. In addition to friendship, the yellow color symbolizes optimism, joy, positive energy. It is a color that will fill an environment with vitality, so an arrangement of yellow roses is perfect to place in the room, as it will bring luminosity and beauty. In addition, yellow roses mean intelligence and wisdom. They are a perfect gift for someone who has finished his or her professional career or has obtained a similar achievement. Giving away yellow roses can also mean asking for forgiveness or making peace among good friends who have had problems.

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     High & Yellow Magic Rose                                                                       Lighthouse Rose

White roses

The white color in roses has several meanings. One of them represents peace and tranquility, because in an environment this sensation is created adorning with white roses. The white rose is very recognized at weddings, because it is a symbol of purity and sincerity and it is part of a celebration that unites the lives of two people. They also represent honesty in relationships, because if you decide to give white roses, you will be offering a sincere friendship or relationship. Happiness is another feeling that is represented in this color, for example, if you want to give white roses is to wish someone else the best.

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       Igloo Rose                                                                                           Tibet Rose

Green roses

The green color represents mainly nature and green in roses means freshness and positivism. In the decoration of spaces with green roses, a lively atmosphere full of vitality is created. This color of roses has a deep meaning in the relationships of friends, family or couple, since giving green roses symbolizes wishing the best and creating positivism towards these people. They can also be a special gift when someone starts a job or project because hope is transmitted, balance and a good start is desired.

Green roses from Ecoroses

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      Wasabi Rose                                                                                 Limonada Rose

Peach roses

The peach shade is in the orange color range, and has a pastel hue. Peach roses mean strength, happiness and positive energy. It is a warm color that, in an arrangement of roses for a space, will create strength and positivism. For this reason peach roses are excellent for decoration, if you want to have an environment where you feel good energy. If you give peach roses, you are wishing that person good vibes. A good opportunity to give is on a birthday or at the start of new projects. If it’s about giving to your partner, it means you want your love to grow.

Peach roses from Ecoroses

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Country home Rose

Meaning of dyed roses

Dyed roses also have their own meaning. We bring you the meaning of the roses in purple and blue color, which are an excellent idea to use in decoration or on different occasions.

Purple roses

The purple color in roses is attributed to a meaning of respect, understanding and spirituality. It is a color that generates a feeling of peace and creates a positive energy. Purple roses are used on occasions where you want to express respect. They also convey a sense of tranquility, so they can be a good gift to encourage or support a person. You can have purple roses for home decoration, creating a cozy and quiet environment. In decorating spaces, having purple roses also expresses elegance and exclusivity. So you can make beautiful arrangements with this color of roses to create an elegant atmosphere in the place where you are going to decorate.

Purple roses from Ecoroses

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Mondial Purple Rose

Blue roses

The blue tone generates a feeling of relaxation and harmony. Blue roses are very striking and it is an unusual color that many people prefer to give or decorate. As a gift, blue roses mean fidelity and affection. They can also be a gift to transmit a feeling of trust or to wish the person inner peace. Blue is a deep color, which in spaces and for decoration, creates a sober and elegant atmosphere. In addition, an arrangement of blue roses in a softer tone creates an atmosphere of tranquility in a space.

Blue roses from Ecoroses

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Blue Mondial Rose

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