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Roses are the most beautiful and fragrant flowers. It has become a kind of symbol of love, romance and tenderness throughout the world. Rose is the national flower of Iran, England and the USA. In 1986, the former president Ronald Reagan signed a resolution of making the rose a national floral emblem in ceremonies in White House.

Since its discovery, roses have been a highly valued gift. Used in all kinds of celebrations, roses are always a hit! Giving these flowers you will not be wrong, but you should know that there are roses of different colors and, interestingly, each one will send a different message when giving them away.

The pink roses

They symbolize the sympathy, tolerance or respect we feel toward someone. The roses of a strong pink color and more muted, usually given as a symbol of gratitude, do you want to thank someone for a favor? These flowers will make your message clear! Meanwhile, when it comes to flowers of a much lighter color, they are a sign of tenderness, perfect to give to someone who has had a baby.

The burgundy roses

They are the maximum exponent of elegance and sensuality, they usually conquer anyone, since they also give off a very intense aroma. They are the perfect gift for anniversaries, or to impress a new conquest.

The white roses

They are a symbol of purity, innocence and tranquility. For this reason, they are one of the most used varieties in weddings, and can be a great idea to give at any time, white roses are always a sure hit!

The red roses

They symbolize love and passion like no other. It is very common that we see them everywhere in the day of lovers, since red roses are, par excellence, the flowers of love and couples.

The yellow roses

They have always been associated with joy, friendship or fraternity, and they are very original! However, in some cultures they are vetoed by the popular belief that the yellow color, by itself, represents jealousy or envy.

Why it’s Perfect to buy Roses in June

Summer has come, and the spark of beautiful rose may bring your garden a more attractive atmosphere. Roses love the sun, so you have to place them on a terrace or patio facing the sun. However, a little shade during the day will not hurt them.

For many people, a garden without roses is not a garden. As it’s well known, these aromatic and beautiful flowers can be difficult to grow and attract many pests. Although it is true that they require special attention, taking care of roses is not as complicated as it seems.

Since we celebrate the National Rose Month, you might be looking to buy wholesale roses this time. It is also the perfect season for people having marriage and other essential celebrations. Therefore, some people prefer buying wholesale roses in June.

Other reasons why June is the perfect time to bulk buy roses are because of there are other related celebrations in which a rose gift makes it more meaningful, such us:

  • the National Candy Month of June,
  • Father’s Day – June 15th
  • First Day of Summer – June 21st
  • and people who celebrate their birthday on June

Since its first introduction to the world of Ancient Greece, a rose has been a symbol of passion and love, as well as purity and brotherly love. And it is not surprising that there is this duality among so many varieties of roses.

In terms of its morphology, a garden rose can reach 2.5 meters, but in its nature habitat, it can reach up to 20m. Their stems are quite woody and have thorns. That’s right, although it looks like a very delicate flower, the stems of a rose are robust and strong. Your flowers can change depending on the variety of rose you choose, but if something is fulfilled without exception is the touch of its petals: soft and velvety.

In addition, this star of the plants can grow as a vine, which opens a wide range of decorative possibilities.

Finally, its most characteristic quality is its aroma. It’s present in cosmetics, creams, perfumes and even air fresheners. The perfume of roses has been used for centuries in aromatherapy, not only for being so pleasant and rich in smell, but for its relaxing effects.

Where to Buy Wholesale Roses in June

Are you interested to buy wholesale rose? These are the best local wholesale rose supplier we find online:

#1 Northwest Wholesale Flowers

This one is Seattle based flower wholesalers. As of today, their business focuses on selling wholesale flowers to local business and not currently selling roses to public. 


#2 Baisch and Skinner

Are you looking for fresh floral decoration and wholesale rose suppliers for wedding and gifts? Then this one is a good choice to take a look. Its physical store is located in LaSalle Street.


#3 Parallel Zoom Roses 

Located in Dallas, the store provides wholesale roses purchase and other floral choices.


#4 Berkeley Florist Supply

It is one of the Berkeley floral shops I can recommend. They offer a good price for bulk order of roses


#5 Metcalfe Wholesale

You can see their catalogs of roses on their Facebook page. They are quite responsive too!


#6 Virgin Farms

Virgin Farms provide Next day delivery. Making your wholesale rose purchase more convenient.


#7 The floral Express

It’s a Canadian floral shop where you can bulk order the roses. They have express delivery too.


#8 koehler and dramm

This place has sold variety of flowers since 1960s. It is a good recommendation for those looking for experienced store.


#9 Quinland-Wasserman

 The shop is a family-owned business with over 50 years of experienced. They’ve provided bulk roses order for landscapers, garden centers, and interior designers


It is not necessary to buy roses locally. You can order your roses online very easily these days. The small roses are sent in small pots ready to take out and plant. Many will arrive with a flowering in them or buds that will open very soon. The other roses can be ordered as what is called pink bushes with bare roots.

 Are you planning on wholesale order the roses? Let us know in the chat above!

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