Our ecological certifications and seals guarantee that our premium quality roses are grown in harmony with our philosophy of social and environmental sustainable production.

The ECOROSES culture focuses its attention on details; beginning with the meticulous selection of rose varieties followed by the careful planting, nursing, harvesting and manual classification of roses – stem by stem! all the way to packing and transporting them. All plants that are grown by ECOROSES are adequately managed to produce long stems and large, vibrantly colored flowers. Constant training of our staff is the key to fulfilling this goal.

The variety of roses grown by ECOROSES comes from some of the best breeding companies in the world, and all rights to use their breeds have been legitimately acquired and compensated for. 


ECOROSES has a modern and completely automated irrigation system, which enables us to control and optimize the use and application of water and fertilizers – ultimately ensuring the proper growth of the plants and the quality of the flowers.