Особые моменты делают жизнь лучше
Особые моменты делают жизнь лучше Связаться с нами
Особые моменты делают жизнь лучше
Особые моменты делают жизнь лучше Связаться с нами




Good day! I have received your roses; they are beautiful and quality great.
Thank you so much!

‘‘I have been working with Ecoroses for 7 years, and have always been more than satisfied with their quality, consistency, selection of varieties, and fair pricing. Their sales reps are always very responsive and helpful, and provide exceptional customer service. I would recommend this farm to anyone who is looking for premium Ecuadorian roses.’’

I just wanted to express what an amazing Valentine’s Day we had due to your roses. Quality is always the best. The assortment in the mixed boxes was beautiful. The packing was done to perfection; shipping on time and the roses maintained their absolute finest beauty even though the trip. Please pass along to the ECOROSES family, from the bottom to the top, how much we appreciate the hard work that you all put into making every a success for us. We couldn’t be more pleased and we fully understand that the effort begins in the field.

I hope you all had a very successful and amazing holiday! As always thank you for your hard work and quality that you always provide! Our customers couldn’t be happier! USA

“Valentine roses were very good. We had no complaints on them, so that said  they were  good” 
Karen, USA

Dearest Diana and all hard working ECO employees, Thank you so much for the Beautiful Roses that you shipped to us in Vermont for the Valentine´s
Day Holiday. Valentine´s Day can be quite Challenging. All levels in this crazy industry need to work extremely hard to meet the demands of our customers. Ecoroses crew has once again exceeded our expectations. Your
Service, Quality, Varieties, Packaging, Processing, Sleeving, and Shipping was absolutely perfect!! We did not have a problem with any roses, nor did our customers take credit on a single stem of your roses. Your
continued Support of Green Mountain Florist Supply has strengthened our Loyalty to you, ECO, your employees and most importantly, your Roses Thank You,
Tom, USA

Ecoroses has provided yet another outstanding holiday for us to kick off 2019! The consistency in which Eco conducts business is mind blowing. Consistency in communication. Consistency in
quality. Consistency in accuracy. I had to change my Valentines order along with ship dates a couple times and even with that the order shipped on time and arrived in perfect condition.
Our customers are starting to request EcoRoses by name knowing that the quality is going to be on point each and every time. We might request credit with Eco 2 times a year and even with Valentine’s Day, where volume is more than quadrupled, we didn’t have to ask for credit on a single bunch of roses!
I personally took 75 stems out of the cooler on Feb 12 th to do a little vase testing of my own. The product arrived on Feb 10. I reluctantly threw them away as I was leaving work on Feb
22 nd !! That’s 11 days out of the cooler and they still looked good! Unbelievable!! This is the product that I’m proud to offer our customers each and every week!
The communication and follow through with the team at Eco is like no other. The orders are filled week after week with accuracy and care. Questions are answered promptly and clearly.
Thank you to the sales team and support, the field workers, and the postharvest workers for being consistent on every level! We literally couldn’t ask for better results and we appreciate you and your hard work on a regular basis.
Angie, USA

Es con gran satisfacción que escribo este email como forma de agradecimiento general a todo el Staff de la empresa Ecoroses, por el
excelente trabajo y dedicación que tuvieron con nuestra empresa en esta época tan importante como es el San Valentín.
Quiero agradecer a Ecoroses por la dedicación y todo el apoyo que ha tenido con nuestra empresa en esta época tan
importante, se ha demostrado excelente en su profesionalismo.
José Luís, Portugal

Our customers are more than satisfied with Ecoroses roses!
Most of them say they’ve never seen so beautiful flowers!
Eléonore, FRANCE

I’d describe eco with 2 words. “Quality and Consistency”
Corey, USA

“I buy from Ecoroses because of your team and the farm’s quality and availability.
I buy from you because of your reliability, the farm’s quality and your ability to find what I need even if it didn’t show on the current availability list”
Doug, USA

Ecoroses is a high quality farm producing some of the nicest Roses in Ecuador. They are top notch in their customer service, reliability and quality.
I can count on them and I trust them, and I like doing business with them.
Beth, USA

Estamos muy contentos de la calidad de la flor de ECOROSES, el color de los botones es muy intenso.
Tenemos una muy buena relación, estamos muy satisfechos. ECOROSES siempre cumple a los órdenes.
Bruno, Francia

Здравствуйте! Хорошее качество и стойкость , упакован в плотный картон и количество стеблей в коробке меня устраивает . Я долго раскручивала эту плантацию . Рассказывала
что эта лучшая плантация . Поэтому моим клиентам нравиться . Они мне доверяют