ECOROSES is EcoWork.

A sustainable production system is based on the implementation of good agricultural practices as well as the use of modern technology and innovation. We are fueled by our ongoing quest for new alternatives while working to make a difference every day by reducing our environmental impact.

Integrated Pest and Disease Management is not just a concept, it is a way of doing ecological things correctly.

The production and exportation of premium quality roses involves a correct and consistent use of all the available alternatives in an integrated system to reach our goal of EcoWork.

This system is based on the integrated use of measures such as:

  • Good agricultural practices
  • Production and use of organic compost
  • Rational use of permitted chemical alternatives
  • Modern infrastructure and technology
  • Timely monitoring of pest and diseases through the use of technology
  • Constant employee training on the mentioned topic
  • Continuous innovation in eco practices
  • Production and usage of beneficial funguses, which are produced at our in-house laboratory