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Summer is a time of new life, so what’s better than greeting the season by using a lively palette of colors for your wedding. If you are getting married in the summer, you can choose from a variety of colors and get inspired from many things from the pink of bubble gum to the pastels of saltwater taffy or ocean shades such as the blues or aquas of the Caribbean sea. If you like muted hues better, bet on the cooler hues of a summer night, which include hues such as champagne, mauve and seafoam.

Everyone loves roses at a wedding and there are over 130 kinds of roses to choose from to represent your color scheme.  It’s easy to find a type and color of rose that stands for your sense of style, and then use that color to complement your color scheme starting with your wedding ceremony and continuing on at your reception.

1) Mint and Peach are a good choice for a wedding scheme

The color of mint is a cool shade for a summer wedding. Adding the color peach adds some sparkle and makes the mint shades pop and be brighter.  You can have the traditional white bridal dress, and add in mint for the bridesmaid dresses, along with peach flowers in the bouquets.Then have the groom and his groomsmen wear khaki suits. At the reception you can decorate the room with peach colored flowers in the centerpieces, and use mint colored napkins at the tables.Here are a few types of mint and peach colored flowers that work great for weddings:

Mint and peach colored flowers for weddings
Mint and peach colored flowers for weddings

Mint and peach colored flowers for weddings

Peach colored flowers look great if you want a pastel palette of colors. Plus they are a neutral color that mixes great with several other shades and hues. It’s possible to design lovely bouquets when you use a mix of peach and mint flowers.

Peach roses from Ecoroses

 Roses have always been considered the top flower to signify romance, so they work great for just about any occasion where you want to represent love. Plus there are hundreds of colors and kinds of roses to choose from. One such choice is Ecoroose roses. You can literally buy a kind and color of rose for every day of the year, as well as for any color palette and type of arrangement you desire.

 A rose that is peach in color stands for modesty, as well as signifying being innocent, demure and pure. Peach roses also represent how much the giver misses their true love.

Peach roses

 2) Pink and Lemon for wedding colors, flowers

Pink and Lemon wedding

Mixing pink and lemon shades can indicate a cheerful and happy day for a summer wedding. You can pair up flowers in these two colors quite well. Begin with using splashes of these two shades on your wedding invitations, then consider putting your bridesmaids into pink colored dressed and decorate the reception area using both colors. If you serve cocktails at the reception, try some garnishes of lemon inside pink colored drinks to continue your color scheme.

Pink and Lemon wedding flowers

Pink roses are the best kind if you want to use them for several different types of occasions. No matter if you want to say thank you, cheer up a buddy, start a brand-new relationship, or show someone you admire or have affection for them, pink roses convey the precise emotion you want to show.

Yellow roses: Yellow stands for being happy, wise and having a great imagination, When it comes to types of yellow roses, they are often picked by people who want to be self-fulfilled, and show a novel or mentally stimulating emotion. Yellow roses stand for someone who has a sunny, yet shrewd type of personality.

Pink roses from Ecoroses

Pink roses have a long history. Actually, they have been around as one of the longest types and colors of roses since mankind started raising and cultivating them.

Beside the fact they can mean many things, pink roses are truly one of the loveliest of all kinds of flowers. Its look and smell are enjoyed worldwide.

pink roses

Lime green roses from Ecoroses

Lime green colored flowers show bliss and softness, as well as stand for being prosperous and wishing growth for a marriage. That is a perfect thought for a wedding. The color is great for both spring and summer ceremonies. It goes well also with all the pastel palette of shaded such as blue or lavender for any simple, sweet occasion.

lime green roses

Yellow roses from Ecoroses

Yellow roses stand for happy kinds of emotions. All through the ages, yellow has always been connected to the sun, so yellow roses work to cheer people up since being sunny means being happy. Yellow roses say you appreciate the receiver and denote a form of friendship and a platonic kind of love, along with showing delightful emotions and total joy of life.

yellow roses

3) Fuschia and Teal wedding colors & flowers

Fuschia wedding flowers

If you are hunting for colors to represent hot or gorgeous themes for a summer wedding, why not try Fuschia? Mix it with the color teal to denote beauty and bright feelings.

Fuschia wedding flowers

Fuschia, otherwise called magenta, stands for the highest kind of universal love. It denotes compassionate feelings, as well as being kind, cooperating with each other and it promotes the feelings of self-respect and being content.

Fuschia wedding flowers

Fuchsia roses from Ecoroses

Fuchsia colored roses are fun, yet still romantic. They have perfect ruffled petals and the heads are bigger than other roses.Add in some pink or white colored roses to balance this wild color.

fucsia roses

Deep purple roses from Ecoroses

fuschia roses

4) Peach and Gray wedding colors & flowers

Peach and Gray wedding colors

Have some fun choosing the color of your flowers. Try traditional peach bouquets and tie them together with grey strips of ribbon. Then balance it off with bridesmaid dresses of a charcoal shade. Decorate the reception with stunning mercury glass vases dotted with lovely pink flowers. A peach and grey wedding cake scheme will end your perfect night.

Peach roses from Ecoroses

 Peach Roses meaning. Pale peach colored roses signify modesty. This delicate shade stands for being demure, innocent and pure.  It is a perfect choice to give to a young lady or if you want to show your receiver how earnest you are. Peach roses also can convey that you miss someone.

5) Lavender and Grey wedding colors and flowers

Lavender and Grey wedding colors

Mixing grey and lavender shows delicacy and gentleness, great for couples looking for subtle hues for their wedding day.

Lavender and Silver roses in varied hues works great for men’s wedding attire, as well as for bridesmaids’ dresses, and even for your wedding table décor and additional decor.  To soften it mix in some lavender or  lilac into the details: i.e use it for your shoes, jewelry, napkins, or tablecloths. You can piccreate a k varied shades – go darker or go lighter – for instance, pick darker grey to contrast a gentle shade of lavender. Then add a few sprigs of greenery to make the arrangement romantic and fresh looking.

Lavender roses from Ecoroses

Lavender roses stand for mystical things, as well as magic, desire and enchante romance. They often indicate the couple fell in love at first sight of one another.

Lavender roses

6) Rose Gold Wedding Colors and Flowers

Rose Gold Wedding Colors and Flowers
Rose Gold Wedding Colors

If you love sparkles and want a metallic color scheme at your wedding, golden roses are trendy and the perfect solution. If you love glitter and glamorous things, these are the color you want. Take a look at all the golden rose wedding color schemes and rose varieties we are totally in love with.

Roses varieties from Ecoroses to match Rose Gold Wedding Colors

toffe cream Rose Gold Wedding Colors and Flowers

Garden Roses from Ecoroses

Garden roses are mostly a hybrid kind of flower grown for ornamental purposes in both the public or private gardens. They are quite popular and frown all over the world, mostly in temperate climates.

rose gold wedding flowers

White Roses from Ecoroses

 White roses stand for being innocent, pure and young. It is one of the colors many brides prefer and that is why they are often known as bridal roses.

In psychology, the color white stands for beginning anew or starting a blank slate for a brand-new beginning. It’s why white is traditionally the color of weddings, as lots of couples view their ceremony as the beginning of the future they plan to share. And, white also stands for creating peace and a contented mood.

white roses

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