Summer Wedding Colors

Summer is a time of new life, so what’s better than greeting the season by using a lively palette of colors for your wedding. If you are getting married in the summer, you can choose from a variety of colors and get inspired from many things from the pink of bubble gum to the pastels of saltwater taffy or ocean shades such as the blues or aquas of the Caribbean sea. If you like muted hues better, bet on the cooler hues of a summer night, which include hues such as champagne, mauve and seafoam.

Everyone loves roses at a wedding and there are over 130 kinds of roses to choose from to represent your color scheme.  It’s easy to find a type and color of rose that stands for your sense of style, and then use that color to complement your color scheme starting with your wedding ceremony and continuing on at your reception.

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National Rose Month - Why Is June the Perfect Month to Buy Wholesale Roses

Roses are the most beautiful and fragrant flowers. It has become a kind of symbol of love, romance and tenderness throughout the world. Rose is the national flower of Iran, England and the USA. In 1986, the former president Ronald Reagan signed a resolution of making the rose a national floral emblem in ceremonies in White House.

Since its discovery, roses have been a highly valued gift. Used in all kinds of celebrations, roses are always a hit! Giving these flowers you will not be wrong, but you should know that there are roses of different colors and, interestingly, each one will send a different message when giving them away.

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Fall Wedding Colors Combinations

fall wedding

Fall is a season to fall in love with. Its palette colors make it inspirational time to catch wonderful ideas for weddings. In this post, we show some color combinations and ideas for your special occasion to become unique and unforgotten.

One fact about fall is that it starts from the equinox. In the northern hemisphere, it begins on September 21 and ends on December 21. While in the southern hemisphere, it begins on March 21 and ends on June 21.

Fall is a season in which leaves from the threes start to fall down. You will notice that day and night lasts the same number of hours and the climate turns intermediate of hot and cold weather.

In this respect, fall can last around two and a half months, but it depends of the region. The nature change, especially threes’ leaves, when they dried and turn from green to and orange shade. This happens with flowers too.

Furthermore, fall is the season for fruits as apples, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, nuts and pomegranate. In addition, the growth of vegetables such as cauliflowers, pumpkins, eggplants, mushrooms, and zucchini. So all you will see is a scheme of orange, bronze and brownish colors.

 Many couples who are engage to be married plan to celebrate their wonderful day in the fall season. They choose this season because of the lighter weather or a softer light, different from the probably extreme climate from summer or winter. Undoubtedly, this season will convert your wedding in a romantic moment.

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