EcoRoses Ecuador


Our Impact



  • ECOROSES has carried out several activities with the community, such as: computer equipment donations to local rural schools, maintenance, and improvement of infrastructure for community schools, provision of children’s games, books, and didactic materials for nurseries, supplying of playing grounds for children among others.
  • Every year since 2013, we also recognize the effort and dedication of the little ones of the ECOROSES family members, with our “Bright Minds” program. We recognize and reward academic efforts with a diploma, backpacks, school supplies and technology equipment in a special ceremony at the farm.
  • Constant employee training on the mentioned topic
  • Continuous innovation in eco practices such as:


  • We comply 100% with the Ecuadorian Labor & Regulatory framework.
  • We are committed to offering equal opportunities to all current and future employees during recruitment, training, and career development.
  • We are constantly concerned with creating a pleasant working environment, one in which employees can develop and be encouraged to grow.
  • We offer our employees benefits that help them improve their labor conditions:
    • Transportation to and from their homes to the farm
    • Adequate kitchen and dining facilities with daily nutritional meals
    • Occupational security and risk management programs
    • Medical and dental services


  • We are always improving key steps in our system to ensure freshness and quality of the roses and ranunculus we produce and deliver. We support and secure our processes with our state-of-the-art technology used for growing, processing, hydrating, and cooling our flowers.
  • For us, customers are not just “customers”; they are part of our extended family and a central focus in our day-to-day operations. The trust customers place in each member of our company drives the implementation of systems, and service practices designed to meet their expectations and needs. Our result, a unique and satisfying experience in every interaction with us.
  • The support and trust of those working with ECOROSES act as a driving force that strengthens the team’s dedication; serving as inspiration to continue growing and improving while maintaining consistency and integrity with our principles and values.